The Neat Shop


This is a sort of catch-all area to the ins and outs of what's going on here at the shop.

Unless otherwise specified, all work is printed using archival papers and inks. It's a bit more expensive than the quick copy shop down the road, but these babies are like having a museum right in your own home!

Canada Post is an interesting creature. They're entirely effective and great at delivering, but are a little more expensive than our neighbours south of the border. If you see that my shipping costs a bit more than a super rad artist in the U.S., I promise I'm not trying anything shady.

Please allow for 10–14 business days between purchase and shipping. This helps ensure that the packing is treated with care. I'm just looking out for you! If illness or disaster should bar me from making the date, I will let you know and apologise profusely. Once your package is shipped it should arrive within the range below (depending on where it's going):

• CANADIAN orders are sent via regular parcel. Arrival is usually 8–10 business days from when it's shipped.

• AMERICAN orders are sent via Small Packet Air. Arrival is usually 12–14 business days from when it's shipped.

• INTERNATIONAL orders are now sent via Small Packet Air. Arrival is usually 12–14 business days from when it's shipped.

Please note that these are the most effective options that balance time and cost. If you would like a shipment to get to you quicker, message me ahead of time (but please factor in an increase in costs before you do).

All shipments are sent flat in a stay-flat mailer. They are shipped with a sturdy piece of cardboard and THAT is put into an acid-free plastic sleeve. I'd love to cut down on some of the packaging but it's the best method to ensure that everything gets to you in great condition.

With that said, I can't hand deliver these, though how awesome would that be?! If your shipment arrives damaged, please let me know but unfortunately I can't be held responsible.

Unfortunately returns and refunds aren't really an option with the stuff I'm selling. With that said, if there's an error and it was my mistake, I will 100% due my best to try to resolve the issue. It's just me doing this over here and I'm only human.